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Questions commonly asked by our customers

Once you are logged in, you can see your Sales Representative information at the bottom of your “My Account” menu, or on the Contact Us page.

Invoice payments are captured on the website in real time, but they need to be manually posted by our Accounting team. Please allow two business days for your account to be updated on the website.

Aquifer Choice means that we will choose the most appropriate way to get your order delivered to you. We will choose the courier that is best suited to the products being shipped and the location it is going to.

Items that require a bid are items we don’t regularly stock. You can add these items to your cart and instead of checking out, you can choose the option below to “Submit for Bid.” Your Sales Representative can then give you a price on this item. Please note that these items are a special order and are not eligible for return.

Any orders placed that request same-day delivery or pickup will always be attempted to be completed. If we are running behind, we will reach out to you to let you know.

Using the Reorder Pad from the My Account dashboard, and searching for the product in question, it will show you the last order date.

Currently, we don’t have a method to notify you that your order has been completed. However, your Sales Representative would be able to get this information for you.

When you pick your shipping option (Ship When Complete or Ship When Available) you are deciding how we will deliver your products and communicate your order with you. Selecting Ship When Complete means we will hold all of the product until the order can be shipped completed whereas Ship When Available means we will ship what is currently available and call you as the remaining items become available.

If you’d like to order something that is only in stock at a different branch, please contact your Sales Representative to place that order.

Finding Your Way Around?

Here are a couple of the key features of our site. If you have any questions let us know through the Contact Us form on the site!

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